Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1.) By using this service, the caller agrees to the terms and conditions.

2.) If you already dial the caller without the consultant being online; this is a voluntary choice of the caller and also falls under No: 3.

3.) There is no reimbursement or repayment of any fees.

4.) You have to pay for the calls. The corresponding rate is listed beside the phone numbers.

5.) People younger than 16 are excluded from the use of this service!

6.) A consultation or advice given during a telephone call by a consultant is entirely without obligation

7.) Mediumchat.org is not responsible for any consultations or personal coaching between consultants and customers.

8.) Mediumchat.org is not a chain, not an organisation, nor a client, but a service and a network for consultants!!

9.) All our telephone counsellors are professional people with a broad life experience.

10.) Mediumchat.org can’t be held liable for consultations, advice given by advisers or consultants!!

11.) Consultants who you can call are not employed by us!! Consultants are all working on an independent basis for our line!!