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Hello beautiful person,

In my work as a medium I use clear feeling, clear seeing, clear hearing and clear knowing.

From a pure source of energy, I make contact with your energy field in order to give you the right information.

You can contact me with the most diverse questions.

My intuitive skills can give you insight into topics such as relationships, work, family and challenges.

Support is also possible through the special Healing mediumship that I work with.

I can also make contact with a loved one who passed away and you feel connected to.

By describing character, details and memories of you together, I lovingly bring two worlds together again.

Someone may come for you who wants to give you something in the form of a message.

Spiritual coaching is also one of my specializations.

This can be a very helpful way if you have lost your direction in life.

We can look at what your needs are and what you would like to learn.

In a loving and supportive way you will gain insight into patterns and useful tools for the future.

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Rabya Imamkhan:
Top dame

Rabya Imamkhan:
Reageert supersnel. En is eerlijk.

Thanks Bodhi voor je fijne chat net, geeft weer wat hoop! 🙏

Heel sterk! En ook nog ontzettend snel met antwoorden. Hoef zelf bijna niks te zeggen. Bedankt!

Fijne ervaring. Benieuwd

Marloes :
Onder de indruk van haar. Bodhi is zuiver, zeer intuïtief en weet de juiste kern en snaar te raken. Alsof ze in de huiden kruipt en daardoor niet gedeelde zaken kan benoemen. Meer dan 5 sterren waard 💖

Top consult!

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