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Email consultation is also possible bij Psycic Chat. Spiritual chatting goes fast and sometimes you think. What did the medium say again? We have a solution for this. Namely an email consultation.

What is an email consultation

You ask questions to one of the consultants. Which are on this page. They offer it. Your questions will be handled carefully and comprehensively. And you will receive the answers on paper within a few days. So you can read this over and over. As often as you want.

How to request an email consultation
  1. Register first on the home page under "Free registration"
  2. Purchase credits for €25
  3. Choose one of the consultants who offer an E-consultation
  4. Ask your questions
  5. Send your questions
  6. You will receive the answers within 2 days and you will found them in your account
  7. Download pictures for free
What information does the consultant need from you

In order to answer your questions. Provide the following information.

  • Name and date of birth of yourself
  • If you have a question about another person also the name and date of birth
  • You can also send photos with the email consultation. This is free
  • And of course we would like to ask your questions clearly
Overall information

The spiritual consultant you selected may not be able to answer your email questions. The line holder will then ensure that your email questions are forwarded. To another consultant. Each medium has its own way of working. So choose the medium carefully. Also know that any medium or ritual helpline. Which means that the line holder has no responsibility for the answers. Which are given by the consultant.

Are there any ambiguities after reading the answers? Then request a new email consultation. Or chat with the spiritual advisor in question. You can always arrange a consultation with another medium. 

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