How does our psychic chat work?

Important Psychic chat, where you can start a reliable spiritual chat. Which is also affordable. And you get honest answers and insights. Here you can read how to start a spiritual chat and we will give you information about how Psychic Chat works. to start a spiritual chat

Starting an online chat is very simple.

  • Start with free registration
  • Now you have an account and you can purchase a credit package here
  • You are now ready to choose one of the spiritual counselors online
  • And click on Start chat for this consultant

Here we show you which credit packages are available.

Basic: 10 Credits
€10,00 (€1,00 per credit)
10 Credits
(€1,00 per credit)
Bronze: 20 Credits
€19,00 (€0,95 per credit)
20 Credits
(€0,95 per credit)
< Most chosen package
Silver: 40 credits
€38,00 (€0,95 per credit)
40 credits
(€0,95 per credit)
Gold: 80 credits
€54,00 (€0,90 per credit)
80 credits
(€0,90 per credit)
< Gold
E-consult: 25 Credits
€25,00 (€1,00 per credit)
25 Credits
(€1,00 per credit)
$ £

The payment provider charges in Euro.

You can chat anonymously

Even though you register, you can still chat completely anonymously. After all, the medium does not see your registration. They only see your first name. We understand that this is important to some. Because you don't want the questions you ask to be on the street. Your privacy is therefore guaranteed on all fronts.

The chat also disappears once it has ended with the psychic. The only one who can read this in his account. Is the customer.

Very affordable spiritual chat consultations

The consultants at Paragnostenchat realize that their efforts should be accessible to everyone. For that reason you can also chat affordably with us. When you see the credit packages, you will also see that you can ask all your burning questions from just € 0.90 cpm. You won't find this rate anywhere else.

Benefits of a Psychic Chat

The credits are affordable. All consultants have been screened and qualified in advance. they are also proficient in several languages. The chat line is busy and for that reason there are always many spiritual consultants present. The credits will only start running when the psychic enters the chat. If there is an internet outage. The chat will disconnect itself within 30 seconds. this means you won't lose any credits. Of course you can continue the chat afterwards.