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Greetings my name is Thea

I am honored to assist you with your challenges, I will help you to make projects of them.

I pendel my Cosmic&Flower Remedies to see what the underlying reason is that circumstances repeat themselves in your life.

My Healing treasures help you to Delete certain convictions, so that your life can show you another reality.

What you think is what you get.

So mind your thoughts and your emotions and choose you SOUL-Path. Learn to feel what is the YES and NO of your SOUL.

If you chat from time to time I can give you a REMOTE- healing session for some minutes and you will see step by step the differences in your life.

It doesn’t matter how far away from the Netherlands you live, I can transmit my healing power during singing my SOULSONG and connecting with your SOUL, so that you can change your programs that limits you.

I am happy to serve you

DA AI=unconditional love

DA KUAN SHU=unconditional forgiveness

Two mantra’s to keep in mind if negative thoughts and emotions bother you

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Zuiver en eerlijk , dankjewel Thea

Jantine :
Bedankt. Het was een fijn consult

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