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Are you seeking guidance and clarity in your life's journey?

Do you have questions or doubts about your career?

Having problems in a current relationship or wanting to find out if this relationship is going to move forward. Is your ex-partner coming back? Should you move on?

Well, I can help you to find those and all the answers to all your questions.

I am here to provide you with assistance from the spiritual side so together we can bring everything into balance once more.

My Method: I use tarot cards, spirit guides, psychic connection, and mediumship to bring insight to your questions or doubts.

About me: I discovered my gift at the age of 7 and started training by doing readings at the age of 15 years old, I have a total of 23 years of experience doing readings in person, on the phone and by chat. I genuinely believe in the purpose of my gift being that of assisting those who need spiritual guidance or assistance in any matter or situation.


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Guestbook (19):

lovely person!!!

Ysabella is sweet, super sensitive and spot on. Thank you for your accurate predictions about my new house, and for your blessings!

Hi Ysabella, thank you for the reading. Unfortunatly your computer froze and my time runned out, so i couldnt hear the rest. But thanks so far ⚘

Waaw, Ysabella krijgt veel, kloppende informatie door zonder dat je iets hoeft te zeggen. Echt knap gewoon! Ook is ze oprecht en heel prettig in het contact 😊 Bedankt Ysabella!!!🪷

Very honest and see it clear. As she said, I will get that house and yes! I got that house where I was so hoped for. I will come back to her, everything what she said became reality. Thanks Ysabella, you are perfect in your readings!

Dankjewel Ysabella! Je bent eerlijk en weet veel te zien, voelen en vertellen!

Wauw. Gewoon 1 woord super!! Ik heb niets vertelt en zij wist dingen in detail te vertellen. Gewoon top. Zeker aan te raden.

Just chatted with Ysabella.. Im not lying when I say I was blown away! Like literally! She just started typing what I came here for. Im looking forward to your predictions and I will be back to let you know. Amazing!

she is very good immediately feels everything, you don`t have to tell her anything. just your name and then she feels everything immediately. very good!!!

Merredith :
Fijn gesprek, gehad. Ze vertelde ook dingen die ze echt niet had kunnen wachten. Zeer lieve vrouw, vraagt of we elkaar goed hebben begrepen. En typt vlot door.

Wanda :
I feel so comfortable with her, she read very good and wisely. Somethimes you dont know anymore what you need to do, but then you need somebody to open ur eyes and comeback to ur sense and she did it. She so helpful and give you positive vibes. Its worth every minute. Thank you

Very kind person and great help u get ! She tells u what’s good for u and not creating a happy ending story . Honest person

Hele fijne reading gehad. Adviezen waar ik iets aan had, en zag alles heel duidelijk zonder dat ik verder naam of geboortedatum heb hoeven geven van de desbetreffende persoon. Bijzonder! Lieve vrouw. Ik kom zeker nog een terug bij haar!

She is very kind! She didn`t asked my birthdate. Also she stopped the timer, to look. I am very curious

She is very good! She knows a lot of things!!! Thank you for the reading xx

I love her! i have spoken with her a few times now. She is fast in what she sees. But she is also a very warm en kind and honest person. I can relate to the things she sees. i can not wait, november ;-) .. event or somewhere busy. Thank you Ysabella, you are a bless. Talk to you next. Xxx

Marloes :
You gave me the right aswers where i am looking for. Onestly and friendly kind speaking the truth about what is going on what is in between, and what to do to make a step forewards in my own process. Sound verry clear en its feels good this woman. Deffintly one of the best

I had a reading with Ysabella. She is very kind and friendly. I asked a few questions and she replies very fast.

Very nice woman and good in what he sees and tells you. She takes the time and is very empathic. What she sees with only a name is incredible! I recommend her it wil be worth your credits. Thank you for the flame unity. I come back again because her intentions are pure and what she predict did came in my dreams. :-) as she said...xxx

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